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Technology, automation, and globalization have forced industrial manufacturers to evolve at a rapid pace. This is especially clear in the automotive sector, where shifting mobility habits are driving innovation and industry players must contend with here-to-stay trends, such as shared and autonomous vehicles. To thrive in this shifting landscape, companies must invest further in M&A, big data, information technology systems, and other strategic initiatives in order to stay competitive on the world stage. These new industry disruptors, in addition to the ever-present automotive industry challenges related to margin erosion, uncertain production volumes, new product launches, and trade and tariffs, among others, are contributing to instability and distress in the automotive landscape.

As an established leader in the automotive industry, we have a diverse and dedicated team that brings an unparalleled level of expertise gained through decades of experience in various roles throughout the industry. Through our experience and strong industry relationships, we bring a unique, holistic perspective to the issues facing the industry and practical solutions available to help both private and public sector clients navigate complex situations. We deliver hands-on financial, operational, and strategic services to help healthy companies improve and troubled companies get back on track. Linking business plans to operating performance, financial results, and expectations of capital providers, we help ensure that today’s performance correlates to tomorrow’s returns.

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