IPO Readiness and Execution

Going public is one of the most significant challenges a company will ever face. However, the most successful companies prepare rigorously for life as a public company. Riveron will advise you on the complexities and execute across all aspects of not only going public, but being public, to ensure a successful IPO becomes reality.

Riveron’s depth of experience in the IPO space enables our teams to create and execute a comprehensive plan that fits a company’s desired timeline. We blend our project management, technical accounting, operations, and transaction expertise to accomplish the accounting and finance initiatives needed to complete an IPO. From the initial planning stage through the IPO pricing and ongoing SEC requirements, Riveron will minimize turbulence and will allow management to execute the transaction within the desired timeline.

Our IPO readiness and execution offerings include:

  • IPO readiness
  • Historical financial statement preparation, including annual and quarterly
  • Technical accounting assistance
  • Financial statement preparation (S-X 3-05, S-X 3-09, S-X 3-10, S-X 4-08)
  • SEC pre-clearance and comment letter response preparation
  • Article 11 pro forma financial statement preparation
  • Initial management discussion & analysis (MD&A) assistance
  • Project management
  • Third party coordination
  • Registration statement preparation

Riveron is not a CPA firm.

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